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A hundred-year old beech tree absorbs 2, 35 kilo carbon-dioxide released by 40 people an hour.


Forest area in Turkey is increasing. In 2004, forest area was 21, 1 million hectare, and it reached to 21, 7 million hectare at the end of 2012.


21st March has been celebrated as “World Forest Day” since 1975 in Turkey.


Within the context of “National Afforestation Mobilization Action Plan”, afforestation, rehabilitation, erosion control and rangeland rehabilitation activities were carried out on 2.420.000 hectare area during the period of 2008-2012.


There are 125 “Honey Forests” in Turkey.


There are 120 “Urban Cities” in Turkey.


In our country 21.375 people live within the forest area, and 7.095.650 people in forest villages.


98 percent of forest fire in Turkey is human-induced.


It is intended to instill the love of forest and conscious of nature in 150 thousands children through the Sincan Forest Children’s Theatre.


Forestry Museums in Ankara and Bursa are accessible to the public free of charge all the year round.


Forests reduce the traffic noise of a 50 meter highway which skirts it up to 20-30 decibel.


Forests reduced surface flow 15-20 times and erosion 350 times more than bare soil possessing the same climate conditions.


About 50 kind of pests are effective in our forests.


Forest Fire Management System ( Early Warning System) was the e-TR prize in the best project category in 2010 and the most progressing project prize in 2012. 


The 10. Assembly of UNFF was organized in Turkey. It was the first time that the summit was organized outside of the USA, in Turkey.


There are 11.466 kinds of natural plants in our country.


There are 1.478 kinds of natural chordates in our coıuntry.


There are about 54 thousands kinds of natural invertebrates in our country.


There are more than  10.000 kinds of mushroom (fungus) in our country.


About 40 million tone oxygen is produced in the forests of our country.